Music, Entitlement

Music is queer... You can hear it everywhere, intentionally or not. It encourages: to think, to dance... it drains your mind or fills it up with pictures. Sometimes it's annoying - especially if the context is wrong.


Making music was passion for me from the beginning, uncoupled from any objectives. There is no superelevated arty entitlement , nor artificial. And no commercial: it's still a hobby.


Making music may be therapeutical, but interpretation: nope. So, engagement is end in itself, not search for meaning. If my music entertains you, suits you a bit or is not too boring in the end - it's ok for me. I have done something for me and it feels good anyway. It may not always be what I've intended, but near to it - it is the result of a simple calculation: what can be done within the normal daily madness, with all those familial and job-related commitment?

About this site

This site is a gimmick somehow. I have spent a lot of time (and other ressources...) to find a new approach, equipment, software etc. Something that can be used at home - in the bedroom - I think a lot of musicians know what I am talking about.

But it is difficult to define the right context, it is often just an imagination of "something" with variable limits. My imagination was "to make music" - I like to combine or arrange instruments, sounds, ideas rather than achiving mastery on a single instrument. Therefore I spent a lot of time to test "possibilities" to get a set up to go on with fun. The context was an outcome of itsself: "Bedroom recording". Compact, flexible - to be able to start where you are in a fast and simple way. Creating moods or "serve" them - with equipement charming your palm and eyes, but first and foremost your ears. Maybe someone else is interested how I reached my aim...

About Floyd

I am living in Bonn, Germany - and I am called differently. So Floyd is my Alter Ego if it comes to music. From a professional point of view there is no connection given to music, it is just a hobby. But I am working with computers, software and their adoption and my exposure with these is a creative one. And using only the wherewithal of it. When it comes to music: it has to be haptic, software has no soul.


After playing in different bands as a bassist and singer years ago, the time came where I had to concentrate on my job and familiy,stopped making music for nearly 15 years. And suddenly woke up between bits and bytes - making music seemed to be a completely new thing! Sometimes still thinking of my cool Portastudio 4-track-cassette recorder and the workflow... tried to save those parts which went good or made fun at all.


BTW: the name was contrived by my - at that time - 3 year old son: I asked him about an euphonic name I should choose when making music. He answered "Floyd Groener". For whatever reason.

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Floyd Groener

Vor einigen Jahren nach langer Pause - genauer: seit analogen 4-Spur-Zeiten - zwischen Bits und Bytes wieder aufgewacht.


Bedroom Recording

Wenig Platz fürs Hobby, aber es ist irgendwie auch Zielsetzung.


Current Gear


Kemper Profiler

Tech 21 VT Bass Rack

Yamaha THR10 

Yamaha THR5A


Presonus RM 16ai

Presonus CS18ai

Presonus Studio One


Korg Kronos

Ibanez RG425

Fender TC JA-90 

Ibanez SR405 Bass

ESH Various Fretless

Gretsch Tim Amstrong Sign.

Line6 Variax 



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