Music is a strange thing. You hear it everywhere, sometimes consciously, sometimes less. It stimulates you to think, to dance, empties your head or fills it with images. And sometimes it's just annoying.


Making music has always been a passion, without a really high artistic standard, not even commercial, because it is a hobby.  


Music should and can only entertain, underline. At best it moves. That is then already great art. 


If my music entertains you, pleases you, then I have already achieved something.  

All this is the result of a simple calculation - what is feasible in the normal madness of the daily small-town, with all the family and professional obligations - with the effort that is possible.

About this Site

Was and is just a gimmick and comes from the time when Facebook, Instagram etc. didn't play such a big role and websites were still "in" ;-)

About Floyd

Living in NRW, of course, the real name is different and regards Floyd as his musical alter ego. Professionally it is not about music, it is simply a hobby. Professionally there is a close relationship to IT, computer thingies and software development and the creative handling of it, and the approach to music production is similarly "nerdish", but: processors have no soul, software does not replace creativity. But it helps. And you have to practice less. 


The name was invented by my then 3-year-old son; when asked what I should call myself, the answer was simply "Floyd Groener". Whatever the reason.